Great for expats, vacationers, or business travelers, I highly recommend this book This book was a fantastic guide for people who love to travel and want to find ways to live abroad. As an expat I was able to immediately utilize a lot of the …

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Eye Opening I also had been playing around with the idea of moving abroad myself but never had the courage to follow through. Reading this book made the lifestyle seem a lot more feasible than I had previously thought. I was always worried about how …

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How to Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income

Live Abroad with Passive Income

A decade ago, I was beginning my first time living abroad in Thailand. Learning about foreign cultures turned out to be one of the most exciting parts of my life. It was something that kept me curious and growing. After years of trial and error, I perfected several passive income streams that not only provided money to live on, but also tons to save!

After being asked about how I did it so many times, I wrote the How To Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income book available in Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook versions to answer everyone’s questions. Following the strategies in the book will insure you won’t just learn how to live abroad, but how to live freely with passive income!

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My name is Pierre Blake and I’ve lived in 7 countries in the past decade. Each move has had its own unique set of challenges to overcome. All of these experiences have allowed me to continually perfect my strategies, removing the guesswork in my life …

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