What You Will Learn

Passive Income Generators

Create passive income streams that will provide a stable income wherever you happen to be in the world!

Active Income Generators

Create active incomes that provide freedom to live abroad and also fulfilment in life.

Saving Strategies

Learn valuable money saving methods that will save you thousands and reduce financial stress.

Proper Mindset

Learn the optimum mindset which will insure you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you!


Reduce physical possessions to de-clutter your life which will make you more free both physically and mentally.

Choose Your Ideal Destination

Discover the secret of choosing the ideal destination for you, which will lead to the most satisfaction and personal development.

What Our Readers Have To Say

Eye Opening

I also had been playing around with the idea of moving abroad myself but never had the courage to follow through. Reading this book made the lifestyle seem a lot more feasible than I had previously thought. I was always worried about how I would make money. However, now that I learned about Pierre’s strategies for saving and earning passive income, I now feel more confident to finally make the move! Thanks for being so inspirational Pierre Blake! This book had a lot more useful information than I ever would have imagined. If you’re interested in travel, living abroad, passive income, minimalism, or something related (there’s a good chance he touches on it), you need this book!

passive income ideas


I have been following the author of this book on social media for a year or so and see him post photos from across the world. I always thought how he did it.. did he have a job? rich dad may be? but then after I saw his short blog article on this which touched on the topic, I was dying to get further details. As soon as his book came out I went ahead and got it and it has been really inspirational and helpful. After reading it, I’m not scared to live abroad anymore. The methods he talks about in the book makes me feel confident that there is a well defined way to do this while not working a full time job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all easy, but the book discusses the different aspects. If you’re planning to do something like that, or even want to have a passive income for financial stability, you should definitely get this book.


About The Author


My name is Pierre Blake and I’ve lived in 7 countries in the past decade. Each move has had its own unique set of challenges to overcome. All of these experiences have allowed me to continually perfect my strategies, removing the guesswork in my life which provides comfort and income stability. Through the years, I’ve gained a multitude of valuable information that I’ve organized into a master plan that is the How To Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income book.

My financial stability has come from developing passive income streams such as with my PIERREBLAKE blog, which pay consistently with minimal effort to maintain. With this financial stability, I can focus on pursuing the things that I want to, like learning more deeply about the cultures that I am living among, or pursuing my other passions.

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